October 2016


Level One

Welcome to the Show Floor Level

Title: Show Floor
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 626; Banquet - 4500; Theatre - 7100; Classroom - 2880; )
Content: The Show Floor is the most unique in the nation - the grass field is retractable and easily moves outside to transform the space into a multi-purpose, column free exhibition space. Direct drive on access will ensure easy move in and out. The Show Floor features a full utility grid.
Area: 160,000sq. ft.

Title: Field
Content: The field is 234' wide x 403' long and 39" tall.

Title: AZSTA Grand Event Space
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 45; Banquet - 480; Theatre - 572; Classroom - 192; )
Content: This space is ideal for break-out rooms, conference, board meetings, and more.
Area: 11,900sq. ft.

Title: Fiesta Bowl Press Conference Room
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 31; Banquet - 480; Theatre - 400; Classroom - 164; )
Content: Adjacent to the AZSTA Grand Event Space
Area: 10,100sq. ft.

Title: Fiesta Bowl Digital Media Room
Content: A small room that can be used for break out meetings.
Area: 2,020sq. ft.

Title: Visiting Team Locker Room
(Capacity: Banquet - 140; )
Content: Bring your meeting into the visiting team locker room! This is an ideal space for a group team building or kick off type event.
Area: 3,078sq. ft.

Level Two

Welcome to the Maincourse Level

Title: Red Zone Bridge
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 40; Banquet - 520; )
Content: The Red Zone Bridge is the ideal location for a reception or banquet-style event. The open-air space has a stunning view as the playing surface can be featured inside or outside in the field tray.
Area: 12,500sq. ft.

Title: Main Concourse
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 408; )
Content: Perfect for small trade and consumer shows or carry over from Main Floor hosted events. Use the entire main concourse and add an extra 98,722 sq. ft. to your show!
Area: 98,772sq. ft.

Level Three

Welcome to the Club Level at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Club Level, an exclusive area accessible only to club seat and suite (loft) holders on game days, is available to host special occasions and corporate events throughout the year. The lounges can be combined to host a large, reception-style, event or used individually for intimate events or break-out rooms. The climate controlled Club Level is enclosed and has a private escalator entrance. All club areas feature elegant bars, upscale restrooms, and plasma screen televisions.

Title: Insight East Club Lounge

Title: Gila River West Club Lounge

Title: NE Club Lounge - Beak's Peak
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 15; Banquet - 330; Theatre - 120; Classroom - 60; )
Area: 3,000sq. ft.

Title: East Club Lounge - Insight Oazis Club
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 36; Banquet - 300; Theatre - 240; Classroom - 72; )
Area: 8,400sq. ft.

Title: SE Club Lounge - Valley View Club
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 626; Banquet - 4500; Theatre - 7100; Classroom - 2880; )
Area: 3,700sq. ft.

Title: NW Club Lounge - Flight Deck
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 24; Banquet - 180; Theatre - 190; Classroom - 64; )
Area: 4,700sq. ft.

Title: West Club Lounge - Gila River Oazis Club
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 26; Banquet - 450; Theatre - 240; Classroom - 10; )
Area: 5,900sq. ft.

Title: SW Club Lounge - The Roost
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 21; Banquet - 170; Theatre - 156; Classroom - 60; )
Area: 4,200sq. ft.

Level Four

Title: Stadium Lofts (Suites)
(Capacity: Theatre - 24; )

Title: Party Lofts, Three (3)
(Capacity: Theatre - 125; )

Level Five

Welcome to the Upper Concourse Level

Title: Upper North Terrace
(Capacity: 10x10 Booths - 68; Banquet - 590; Theatre - 720; Classroom - 180; )
Content: Located atop the stadium's North end, this column-free pavilion area has a spectacular view of the entire stadium. The space is a unique location for corporate events and special occasions.
Area: 17,000sq. ft.


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