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Glendale, Arizona welcomes you to be whatever you want to be. Looking to get your game on? We'll knock your socks off. Want to submerse yourself in a never-ending, yesteryear wonderland of shops and boutiques? We've got you covered there, too.

In Glendale, you can have it all. We'll take your taste buds on a world tour without even leaving the neighborhood and fulfill your need for an afternoon of shopping with our nationally renowned antiques district and bungalow-turned-boutique neighborhood of specialty shops. We'll let you experience top-of-the-mountain views and 50-yard-line seats all on the same day. We'll even help you make a night of it with an award-winning concert venue, a sports and entertainment district poised to host the Super Bowl and a bevy or restaurants and wineries where the service will astound and the ambiance will embrace.

A visit to Glendale will begin a lifelong romance marked with memories and excitement. It's our pleasure to deliver you these lasting experiences. But when you have so much to offer, the job is pretty easy.

We'll supply the backdrop and the action. All you need to do is build the scrap book.

Between the mega malls, unique boutiques, antique troves and shops specializing in one-of-a-kind buys, Glendale's shopping destinations have a way of turning a day out on the town with the girls into a full-blown mission. Catlin Court, Old Towne, Zanjero, Westgate and Arrowhead-the finds to be found in these amazing (and in some cases renowned) retail neighborhoods will only whet your appetite for more. You'll find every store will deliver on your desires, so plan your route accordingly; you won't want to miss anything.

In search of your muse? Look no further. Glendale boasts a variety of venues armed with high-powered concert extravaganzas, major tour stops, small acoustic gatherings, outdoor visual treats and more. Get-your-groove-on types and watch-from-a-distance types alike will be entertained in our city.

A Guide to Glendale Art, History and Culture

Journey Glendale's past with public art, historic ranches, National Register neighborhoods, museums and exhibits. Immerse yourself now.

Historic Stops

Glendale started as a place for farmers in the area to get the goods and services they needed and to ship the fruits, vegetables and livestock they raised to national markets.First settled in 1892, Glendale attracted farming families with its fertile land, canal-fed water supply and no-alcohol policy. Land developers, led by William J. Murphy, guided the growth of the farming town. With the establishment of a railroad link to Phoenix in 1895, Glendale blossomed into the largest town in the northwest Salt River Valley. Local farms cultivated everything from sugar beets to cotton. Glendale incorporated as a town in 1910. Separated from Phoenix by miles of open space, Glendale developed its own downtown with banks, groceries, theaters, department stores, businesses and surrounding neighborhoods. Some of Glendale's past remains visible in the historic buildings throughout town.

Outside Adventures

A guide to Glendale's dazzling displays of earth, water and sky.

It's no secret that Glendale is home to great athletic prowess. But this Western desert oasis also happens to be home to some of the best municipal parks, desert mountain preserves, water recreations stops and trails around

Thunderbird Conservation Park

Located at 59th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road in the Hedgpeth Hills, the 1,185-acre park is dedicated to preserving the native desert environment. Park activities include picnicking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, jogging and bird watching. The park also boasts nearly 20 miles of multi-use trails built with the efforts of many volunteer groups.

Open daily from sunrise to sunset.
The main entrance is at 59th Avenue between Deer Valley and Pinnacle Peak roads.

Lake Pleasant

With miles of blue water snaking through mountain ridges, the lake is a gorgeous escape for water sports seekers and fishermen alike. Learn about the history of the area and desert wildlife at the Lake Pleasant Visitor Center at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Step onto the center's balcony and enjoy an up-close look at Waddell Dam.

41835 N. Castle Hot Springs Road

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

This is the largest regional park in Maricopa County. Enjoy the hiking and biking opportunities this huge area offers. Infrequent heavy rains cause flash floodwaters to rush through the canyons and onto the plain, scouring out depressions, or tanks, in the white granite rock below, giving the mountains their name.

13025 N. White Tank Mountain Road

Don't Forget to Visit the Visitor Center!

Boasting a countless collection of free local, regional and statewide maps, brochures and travel information, the Glendale Visitor Center is the first place to start your Glendale journey. Helpful travel counselors can assist with accommodations and directions.

An official Local Visitor Information Center, the Glendale Visitor Center displays more than 500 brochures on the state's attractions. Internet access also is available for visitors who want to stay connected.


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